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Custom Solutions

We are a leading provider of custom bag solutions. Using our proprietary selection of films, we can provide the perfect packaging for your product. We will help you determine a custom size by understanding your product’s properties and ensure that you are using the best film available.

Product Compatibility

When determining high barrier laminations, several options need to be evaluated for compatibility with your product ingredients. We have the expertise to help you select the best possible combination most suitable for your product. Customers these days demand for natural, fresh products without added preservatives. Food brands come to us to get the best possible solutions to provide intelligent packaging that keeps food fresh, increases the shelf life without the use of preservatives in food items. Additionally, barrier packaging is useful not only for food products but also non food products. Let us determine what barrier properties your unique product needs and we will provide a suitable packaging solution just right for your product.

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KI-LAMI – An EVOH film with Acrylic coating formula that provides exceptional clarity. This film is oxygen and moisture resistant to ensure that your products always have optimal freshness. No longer will products stick to the walls of the bag or begin to break the seal. This is a revolutionary product in packing nuts, spices, and other products requiring oxygen and moisture resistance.

KI-COMBO – A unique polyethylene/polypropylene combination film that produces one of the strongest packaging bags in the market. No longer will your heavy products fall off the shelf and break, causing loss and customer dissatisfaction. You will be able to present your products with great clarity and strength on shelf. Don’t believe us? This bag is so strong you can seal it with air and stand on it!

KI-ASBX™ –ASB-X is a two side coated, sealable OPP film designed for broad use in many applications, including overwrap, horizontal, and vertical packaging. It has outstanding optical properties, robust machinability, Low and consistent COF, Excellent flavor and aroma barrier, excellent heat seal strength. It also has very good moisture and oxygen barrier. Excellent for packaging of Biscuits/Cookie/Crackers, Box Overwrap, Confectionery.

In House Lab:

We are in a process of having an in house lab to determine barrier properties of fresh produce and other types of food products. You bring your product we will evaluate oxygen, gas and barrier protection requirements to extend the shelf life of your product. We will carefully measure results and craft the perfect packaging bag for you.

The KI Difference:

We pride ourselves in selling only KI brand plastic carrier bags. What does the KI brand stand for?

Prime Material Guarantee:

Our promise is that we will always produce our shopping bags with prime plastic material. This is important because you will never find bags with calcium mixed in that will increase the thickness without providing any strength.

Quantity, Size, and Thickness on the Box:

We will never sell a product that does not explicitly state the count, bag size, and thickness in microns on the box label. You can be assured that a KI box will contain exactly what’s stated on the box. Our goal is to provide you with a product that is honest and we stand behind the quality.

Individual Bag Inspection :

Each bag we sell contains two distinct features: The KI logo to ensure you are being sold a KI product and a notation indicating the line and facility in which it was produced. Every bag is monitored and inspected for quality. Often you will find handwritten markings on our boxes indicating the level of detail our focus on quality goes.