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Our Films


An EVOH and Acrylic coated film with exceptional clarity. This film is oxygen, gas and moisture resistant to ensure that your products always have optimal freshness. It can be printed. This is a revolutionary product in packing nuts, spices, saffron and other products requiring longer shelf life. They can be customized by varying grades, thickness and coatings to suit your unique packaging needs. Laminated packaging bags can be used to preserve food and non-food products. Available in zippers and non-zippered pouches.
A) Food:Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Roti, Parathas, saffron, powdered spices, powdered nuts, whole nuts, dried and ground herbs, ground tea and coffee.
B) Non food: Jewelry, metal embroidered clothing like saris, dresses and suits.


KI ASBX: KI ASBX is a two side coated, OPP film. It has excellent aroma, moisture and oxygen barrier properties to prevent loss of flavor, color and quality and to retard spoilage. The film exhibits a regular water vapor barrier for the packaging of bread and biscuits. Bakery products require an additional gas barrier and hence should be packed in PVdC coated BOPP films. Our KI ASBX is acrylic coated on one side and PVdC coated on the other side. Customers who are operating high speed fill packaging machines need a film which can cope with the production performance. It is also available in opaque white and metalized forms and can be printed too. It is optically clear with a high degree of gloss and has outstanding oxygen and moisture barrier properties comparable to aluminum foil. It is ideal for household wrap and food packaging to extend shelf life. It also is highly resistant to many chemicals including grease and oil. It is also microwavable and printable using flexo and digital printing.
Applications: Packing whole spices, candies, coffee beans, snacks, nuts and candies, chips, crackers, snacks, tea, incense sticks, Biscuits/Cookie/Crackers, Box Overwrap, Confectionery, Sugar coated food items.


A unique polyethylene/polypropylene combination film that produces one of the strongest packaging bags in the market. No longer will your heavy products fall off the shelf and break, causing loss and customer dissatisfaction. You will be able to present your products with great clarity and strength on shelf. Don’t believe us? This bag is so strong you can seal it with air and stand on it! Ideal for packing all kinds of beans, legumes, pulses, rice, grains, and whole grains.


Fogging occurs when water forms tiny droplets on the surface of film. An anti-fog coated agent will not allow fog on film coated surface. Therefore it is an ideal film for fresh produce, herbs, frozen food packaging, bakery products and convenience food warmed by heat lamps.


Ideal for frozen seafood, ice cream, dairy, bakery, frozen convenience food, cheese and ready to eat food packets. This Nylon / Poly Combo films are exclusively designed for cold storage conditions. Preserves food quality and has high barrier properties.

We provide flexible packaging solutions for a variety of businesses such as seafood, frozen food, cheese, and convenience foods. Our bags preserves the nutrition contents and provide great barrier control to keep the overall look, appeal and taste intact.