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Barrier Packaging

Kadakia International is a proud manufacturer of barrier packaging bags. With growing demand for food items to be free from harmful preservatives food manufacturers come to us to fulfill their need for high quality packaging bags that eliminates any additional preservatives that preserves food items. Barrier Packaging Bags are primarily PVDC, EVOH, Anti-Static, Anti- fog, Metalized, Acrylic Coated bags. 


(Image A&B) High Barrier Laminated bags keep greens  looking farm fresh and thus ensure quick sale.

Non- barrier packaging bag does not protect the herbs. Within hours of keeping on shelf it develops fog within the bag and now the herb is no longer fresh. Wilted herbs are often taken off shelf. (Image C).

(Image D) Mint Leaves kept in a non-barrier bag gone bad within six days of keeping in the refrigerator.


(Image E shows the extent of moisture loss of freshness in a non-barrier bag VS the produce kept in a barrier bag)

Moisture Loss = 43.7%  Moisture Loss = 0.1% Oxygen (O2) Flow is Reduced to Slow Respiration / Ageing Process. Moisture is Retained and Excess CO2 is Allowed to Escape.

Our Specialized, High Barrier Laminated Bags Are an Answer to This. Keep Your Herbs, Veggies & Fruits Fresh in Our Bags!

Anti-Fog packaging bag enables a reduced flow of Oxygen (O2) leading to slow respiration/ aging process. Moisture is retained and excess CO2 is allowed to escape.

A high barrier packaging material is usually a specially engineered film constructed in such a way that it prevents food degradation and also prevents migration of elements like oxygen, aroma, flavor, gas or light into or out of the package mostly suited for snacks, meat, produce, spices, nuts, bakery, chocolate, cheese and candy packaging.

Clear barrier bags are great for packing whole spices, powdered spices and nuts. Customers determine freshness of contents from the overall appearance of the items packed in clear bags and ensure whether the item is fit for consumption. Hence transparent packaging actually works to build greater trust in the brand along with protection and preservation of food contents. Pack your spices and nuts with confidence in clear bags fancy designs can’t hide the underlying problems with your packaging. Bags without barrier properties never remain clear and food items packed inside often lose freshness, turn rancid and are unfit for consumption. Spices melt in polymer pores. Customers notice that and refrain from buying. This adversely affects the sale. So if you think you have this issue we can surely help you with this. Our clear bags will solve all such problems.


Following are the various coatings that achieve the barrier property in a packaging material.


EVOH has strong barrier properties which inhibit the transfer of oxygen and moisture to create an environment in the pouch that prevents microbe growth and protects the integrity of products. Due to the barrier, the flavor and aroma are guarded from degradation, thus enabling greater shelf life. Also it enables the product to remain fresh and nutritious for greater durations. This makes it ideal to pack perishable foods such as dried fruits, nuts, tea, coffee and powdered spices. The film’s exceptional clarity and glossy finish ensure that the product will be highly visible. An EVOH coating will protect your product from microbes, solvents, off-flavors and aromas.


Poly Vinyl Alcohol has exceptional water resistant and oxygen barrier properties and is widely used for packaging applications as it enhances a product lifespan and is also bio degradable.


PVDC coated packaging bags have exceptional barrier property to oxygen, moisture and odor, these films are able to keep food fresh and maintain its nutritious values even at colder temperatures. It has good sealing properties and high shrinkage properties to conform to the shape of the food.


Bags with Anti-static properties preserve and protect products from static damage and moisture. 


Our high-quality barrier bags with Anti fog coatings offered with or without zipper protects the freshness of the produce. It prevents fogging within the pouch and hence preserves the taste, appearance and freshness of the produce.


Acrylic coated films provide high clarity and gloss levels that are needed for the packaging to stand out on the shelf. Acrylic coated films adequately showcase products and thus have a high visual impact. The packaging needs to showcase the product and have a high visual impact.


We provide custom combinations of our laminated packaging bags suited to your unique product. A unique combination film that produces one of the strongest packaging bags in the market. Popularly demanded by spice makers, nuts manufacturers these bags present your products with great clarity and strength on shelf.